What If Society

What if we told you that just two hours from Sydney is a café, a co-op and a cooking school all dedicated to fine local produce and zero waste? And, what if we told you they were all under the same roof? Well, there is – and this weekend Sally heads to the Southern Highlands to check it out!

The What If Society is located in Moss Vale amongst the lush farms and vineyards of the Southern Highlands. This food-focused co-operative, founded by owner and head chef Eilish Maloney, is an assembly of passionate, like-minded cooks and creatives with a mission to inspire, educate and grow society through food and sustainability.

Join Sally as she learns all Eilish’s tips and tricks in the Sourdough for Beginners Masterclass and the Pickling and Fermenting Workshop.

Sally then sits down to The What If Society’s amazing ‘Trust the Chef Menu’ which features a delicious Chickpea Pancake with Kimchi, What If’s take on the British classic; Potato Curry and Egg, a Soft Polenta with Chilli-Fried Egg and Raw Zucchini, and a delicious Sourdough Crumpet with Pine Mushrooms. It’s truly a blind-menu that has to be seen to be believed.

The What If Society